The easiest and most reliable way to espiar Whatsapp conversaciones is to take a phone that uses the program and read messages. But this method can not always be applied. The owner, most likely, will not want you to read his correspondence and therefore just will not give up the phone. Even if you take the phone quietly, you may not be able to get the necessary information, since access to the phone may be blocked by a password or a fingerprint scanner.

In general, if you need to quietly Espia Whatsapp de otra persona conversations , then one of the options that comes to mind first is to use a spyware program. There are a lot of free spyware ads online. However, not everything is so simple with them. I’ll explain now.

Whatsapp spying (Espiar) apps

Should I use them? On sites offering such programs, there are many reviews from happy customers who are happy with the program and with its help solved all their problems. Can you trust these reviews? Let’s think it over.

First, the spyware needs to be somehow installed on the victim’s phone. And this is not always easy. You must either have access to the phone and know the password, if one is set. Or you need to somehow make the person install the spyware on their own. But for this you need to have the skills of social engineering.

Secondly, you need to understand that spyware can be dangerous. Think about whether someone will create a free program so that others can use it to receive information from other people’s phones? What is the use of the program author to whatsapp and also ?

Therefore, usually these programs not only help to get the data you are interested in from someone else’s phone, but also send the developer information that is of interest to him. And this information can be anything from compromising photos to access to mail and bank accounts. It is unlikely that you will be happy if you not only check your spouse for fidelity, but also give all the money from the family account to the attacker.

So be suspicious and careful twice when downloading such programs from the Internet. Weigh carefully whether you are ready to pay the price that is possible! – they will demand from you.

On the Internet you can find people who offer espiar Whatsapp online for money. Can they really help?

In nine cases out of ten, you simply pay money to such hackers and get nothing. Why? Because their stories about WhatsApp vulnerabilities are lies.

WhatsApp is a serious application whose security is handled by dozens of high-class specialists. Therefore, all vulnerabilities have long been found and fixed. And new vulnerabilities are eliminated a couple of days after detection. “Hackers” are talking about them in order to lure money from ignorant people.

And you will be lucky if you simply lose the money you paid for the service that you did not fulfill. Some dealers will still require you to pay extra for not telling the WhatsApp owner your intention to read the correspondence. And most likely, you will pay the blackmailer.

In fact, honest contractors exist. But there are very few of them, since in order to provide WhatsApp hacking services you need to have serious equipment, knowledge and communications.

I can hack and read whatsapp correspondence
I use the WhatsApp messenger hacking method, which is used by special services. This method assumes the availability of technical capabilities, as well as its people working with a mobile operator. I have both technology and people.

The first step in hacking WhatsApp is to determine the technical parameters of the phone and SIM card: IMEI, MSISDN, IMSI, CDR. The base station to which the telephone is connected at night is also determined. All this data gets my person working in a mobile operator.

Next, we make a clone phone, which for the base station is indistinguishable from the one on which WhatsApp “victims” are installed.

Then, our specialist leaves at night in the coverage area of ​​the base station. Using special equipment, he intercepts the data exchanged between the base station and the jailbroken telephone.

In order for the WhatsApp server to recognize the user, each time the phone and server exchange data, a special label is added to the data, which is unique for each user and each session. This label is isolated from the data exchanged between the phone and the base station.

When the tag is received, the specialist “writes” it to the clone phone and launches Votsap on it. Now the clone phone sends requests to WhatsApp servers, indistinguishable from requests of the hacked phone.

So, our copy of the phone can exchange information with the messenger servers, and the servers will “think” that they receive and send information to the original phone. So far so good, right?

But there is another problem. All messages and other information that users exchange through WhatsApp are encrypted. The original phone has all the keys for decryption, but on our copy – they are not. Therefore, reading and sending messages is still not possible. In other words, in terms of whatsapp servers our